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Gear Focus is the online marketplace for buying and selling new and used camera equipment. We were founded by Photographers and Videographers with a vision to create the best experience for buying and selling used camera equipment in a focused marketplace. We have designed this platform based on your feedback - provide buyer and seller safety, low seller fees of only 3.5% and unlimited free listings.

Our goal is to create a community where creatives can safely buy and sell gear at fair market value so they can pursue their passions. Join the thousands of Photographers and Videographers already buying and selling their new and used camera gear online!

What Our Sellers Are Saying About Gear Focus

"I just want to say thanks to gear Focus for making my experience as a seller a great one. It didn't take me long to realize that these guys are legit. I sold about 10K worth of camera gear over the past couple of months and have yet to have an issue. They have great customer support and are very responsive. They provide safe and secure transactions for both my customers and me and payout in a timely manner. Most of all Gear Focus is putting more cash in my pocket with a great 3.5% selling fee." Digital Outfitters

"Great site to buy and sell gear. I go through a lot of photography and videography equipment in my line of work and love how quick and easy it is to do business through their marketplace. Will definitely use the site again!" Dominick Costa  

"The team is so friendly and always ready and willing to help you. It's important to have a platform to sell and buy used cameras/lenses for fair prices that does justice to both buyer and seller. As a hobbyist photographer, I'm super thankful we finally have a place that actually services us fairly! :D please keep up the great work guys, we really appreciate it!!" KT Nguyen  
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