Tips for Switching from Premiere to Resolve

5 Tips for Switching from Adobe Premiere Pro to Divinci Resolve

As we all know, there is a constant evolution in the creative world. Things are constantly changing at a mind-boggling pace. Most of those changes are good, but for Adobe, those changes are leading creatives away from their services in droves. Get Started with Divinci Resolve today!

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World Photography Day Giveaway- Win a Sony Camera & $3000 in Gear

Happy World Photography Day! This year we are very excited to announce that Gear Focus has teamed up with some of the top brands in our industry to bring you a camera gear giveaway. When we first launched Gear Focus we had a giveaway every month. And our most recent was a short film contest. Well we are back at again, but this time with some gear partners! Lume Cube, Sony, Moment, Drobo, AquaTech, Gear Focus, Opkix, Lexar, Pexels and Peak Design. Continue reading


10 Best Cameras for Blogging and Vlogging in 2020

With all of the different models and nuanced features out there, not to mention the loads of camera equipment, it can be difficult picking out the best vlogging cameras from the bunch. That is why we scoured the market to find the 10 best cameras for blogging and vlogging in 2020, ranging from beginner to advanced models. Continue reading

Prime Vs. Zoom Lens: Which Should You Choose?

Prime Vs. Zoom Lens: Which Should You Choose?

Every photographer finds immense joy in experimenting with a variety of lenses, but sometimes it’s hard to choose which one to use for which application. While there are several other variations of lenses, the foundation of lenses includes prime and zoom lenses. In our guide below, we’re going to answer the question of prime vs. zoom lenses: which should you choose? Read on to learn more. Continue reading

Blackmagic Design Ursa Pro 12KCamera Announced

Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K Announced!

Well if the most recent announcement of the Canon R5 with 8K just wasn’t enough for you, then maybe 12K will be? Blackmagic just announced the brand new URSA Mini Pro 12K. After announcing “only” the new ATEM Mini Pro in their live stream in April, Blackmagic Design disappointed some of their customers waiting for a new camera. Well, the wait is over. Continue reading