About Us

We created Gear Focus because we saw the need for a better way to buy and sell photography and videography equipment. Passionate about the craft ourselves, we dreamed of a more focused platform designed for industry professionals and hobbyists. 

We are in the beginning stages of building this photography supply store website into the #1 site of its kind. In the future you will see expanded content on product reviews and demos as well as value-added content filled with tips, tricks and best practices to help you hone your craft. Bookmark us and visit our photography supply store website regularly!

Leading a safe Marketplace

As Photographers and Videographers everyone at Gear Focus has personally bought and sold a TON of gear over the years. Yes we love gear! 

When it comes to buying used gear, we know the red flags to look for in listings.  We have seen it all - from poor pictures, stock pictures, pictures that don't match the product name to poorly written descriptions.

Because safe transactions are the lifeblood of a robust Marketplace, Gear Focus is constantly monitoring the site to prevent unscrupulous buyers and sellers from entering.  We have developed policies and procedures around protecting both buyers and sellers from negative transaction experiences. 

We take extreme pride in developing a community where we learn from and support one another.  We hope you will join us as a reputable buyer and/or seller.

Reducing Transaction Fees

Gear Focus charges a 3.5% commission fee to the seller after an item has sold.

If you sell on eBay you will pay a 10-13% commission fee.  

And if you trade in your gear to a big corporation, their offers will be as low as $0.30-$0.40 on the dollar.

All online marketplaces charge an additional 2.9% + $0.35 when a credit card is used as the method of payment. This is a fee that the bank charges, and is unrelated to Gear Focus or other online marketplaces. We have no control over this fee and cannot alter it in any way.

Please contact us for more information, or check out our FAQ for answers to common questions.

Ready to Start Selling?

Learn how to add your used camera listing to Gear Focus

List your gear now for free on Gear Focus! After you have created your account, and verified you account details, you are ready to start listing items! Here's how you can get started selling your gear now and earning more cash for your new and used camera equipment! Be sure to read through our FAQ and listing tips for answers to common questions.