Gear Focus Included in Photography Talk's List "Top Software and Gear Updates That Rocked 2019"

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Gear Focus

Nov 27, 2019

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Gear Focus is STOKED to be included on this list! has released a list of the top software and gear updates that rocked 2019 and has included Gear Focus! The folks at Photography Talk We have humbled us and we are so appreciative of the nod from them. The fact that Gear Focus was included in Photography Talk's list proves we are onto something big here. The list of "Top Software and Gear Updates That Rocked 2019" is definitely a huge achievement in our first year! Growing a community of like-minded creatives is not an easy task, we know that. Having industry professionals like this believe in what we are trying to create, as much as we do, gives us the extra motivation to continue our pursuit in changing the way creatives buy and sell camera gear. Sell used camera Gear Best Places to sell camera gear Users should have a collaborative experience buying and selling gear. And Gear Focus was created to bring this experience to our users. In this way everyone can get their hands on the gear they need at the time they need it. We firmly believe that buying and selling used gear can save you money.  You can then reinvest that saved money elsewhere in your creative process.

Gear Focus in Photography Talk

To have Gear Focus included in Photography Talk's "Top Software and Gear Updates That Rocked 2019" is an incredible honor. We know we wouldn't be here without our users. And we will continue to work for them and grow, so we can keep rocking in 2020 and beyond! Other bigger sites will take a huge percentage of your sale leaving you with very little profit. And you'll have to wade through a plethora of unrelated items even if they have a large reach. These big sites are not usually focused specifically on camera gear. Or you can take chances with a free forum and have to meet a stranger in person - often for a lowball offer. That is why the photographers and videographers of Gear Focus founded the website. To create a welcoming platform with a large reach of actual photographers/videographers and be able to buy and sell used camera gear affordably. Photography Talk

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