New Panasonic Video Cameras Announced from CES 2020


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Jan 7, 2020

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Pro Video News: Panasonic has unveiled their latest set of broadcast-ready video cameras

CES 2020: Panasonic has introduced the HC-X2000, HC-X1500, and the AG-CX10 into their respectable lineup of broadcast-ready video cameras. These new UHD 4K60 cameras will be released in late March 2020.

New Panasonic Video Cameras

The new Panasonic video cameras announced from CES 2020 are slated to be released in late March 2020 and all three offer some nice features. These cameras are touted as being the smallest and lightest 4K60 professional cameras from Panasonic. All three cameras (the HC-X2000, HC-X1500, and the AG-CX10) offer ultra high def 4K video at 60 fps. Likewise, they all have 24x optical zoom and i.Zoom that offers 32x at 4K and 48x in full HD 1080. One of the new Pansonic video cameras unveiled at CES 2020

Benefits and Uses

All three of the new Panasonic video cameras announced at CES 2020 will work great as "B" cams on professional video shoots. They will also come in very handy for BTS with their lightweight and compact design. The specs of these cameras will not only boost your BTS footage, but as mentioned can even be used as backup cams! Or with their low price tags, can work great for smaller budget productions.

Even more features of these new Panasonic cameras

The HC-X2000, HC-X1500, and the AG-CX10 all support 4:2:2 10-bit internal and 4:2:0 10-bit recording at 4K60. They each offer full HD 1080p video up to 120 fps as well for smooth slow motion shots. Another great feature of these cameras is the live-streaming options they offer using the built-in Wi-Fi. They can also output via HDMI as well, enabling high quality image capturing with an external recorder. The trio also offer two SD memory card slots and a detachable handle (VW-HU1). The VW-HU1 handle is included with the HC-X2000 and AG-CX10. You'll be able to purchase the handle separately for the HC-X1500 when purchasing one of these new Panasonic video cameras.

Affordable professional-grade cameras

Here's how much these new broadcast-ready cameras are going to cost you:
  • HC-X2000 - $2,197.99
  • HC-X1500 - $1,697.99
  • AG-CX10 - $2,795.00
Will you be preordering one of these new Panasonic video cameras? Which cameras are you still using in 2020, and which cameras are you most excited to see this year? We'd love to hear about your gear!

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