The Benefits of Taking Photos Using a Tripod


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Jan 9, 2020

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Every photographer should have a tripod for numerous reasons. It will not only give you better shots and versatility, but it allows you to experiment and get more creative. One of the benefits of taking photos using a tripod is stability and shaper images, but there’s much more than that.

Long exposure

Log exposure shots always look amazing. These are the shots when it’s a night sky and you can see the stars clearly and vividly. This also allows you to set the camera and forget it.

Increased stability

One of the more obvious benefits of taking photos using a tripod is the stability. It’s important to keep the camera still for any great shot, and a tripod will help do just that.

Easily adjust the frame of a shot

While maintaining stability, a tripod allows the photographer to make and adjustments easily without moving the position of the camera. In addition, it allows for a much more detailed frame which will certainly show in the final shot.

Increased sharpness

To reiterate the stability benefit, stability ultimately leads to sharper shots. Again, it reduces any movement from the photographer—especially if the shot requires a longer exposure—so pictures turn out clearer.

Video work

Considering most cameras come with a video option on them nowadays, a tripod helps with that as well. A tripod in a video scenario not only reduces the photographer’s movement, but it allows the shooter to stay with the moving shot. Another common use is just setting it up and shooting a vlog.

So, which tripod should you get?

You should consider a few things, but in general, you should know the weight of your camera, as that will determine how strong of a tripod you’ll need, and the height you desire. Some photographers only want a small one, while others want one that can raise to eye level. Lastly, you’ll want to consider the price. Tripods can vary in price based on the material and other features. If you’re a hobby shooter, it’s probably not necessary to get the $1,000 option. However, if you’re a pro or you shoot a lot of weddings, for example, the higher end option might be best. If you don’t feel the need to have a brand new one, you can get some phenomenal gear by looking for used tripods for sale.

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