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Feb 21, 2020

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Typically on this series we talk about the latest and greatest camera gear. Or sometimes gear that hasn't even come out yet. However, the majority of the Gear Focus Marketplace is used gear!! The reality is, you don't need the newest camera to feed your passion of video or photography. Sometimes, a 4 year old camera just does what you need it to do.  That is why in this week's episode, we are taking a look at the Canon 1DXMII. The Canon 1DXMII came out back in 2016 as Canon's flagship DSLR. It truly is a BEAST of a camera. In fact, the 4K60 mode was WAY ahead of it's time! Most mirrorless cameras are just now getting to the point where they can record 4K60 in body. After using the 1DXMII for a while now, I can confidently say this camera still beats a lot of mirrorless bodies. Canon 1DXMII still holds its own against newer mirrorless bodies When you couple higher resolution video, with a great codec, Canon color science, and Dual Pixel Auto Focus, it's really easy to see why Youtubers like Peter McKinnon and Matti Haajpoja were able to build their Youtube careers with this camera. And whats interesting is neither one of them uses the 1DXMIII for their Youtube content. So really, if some of the biggest Youtubers aren't using the 1DXMIII, chances are you don't need to either.

Other Reasons to Buy a Canon 1DXMII

One of the other benefits of buying a used Canon 1DXMII over a new 1DXMIII is the cost. If you search hard enough, you can buy multiple 1DXMIIs for the price of a single 1DXMIII. Not to mention, unless you are a pro-level action and sports photographer, the upgrades to the 1DXMIII really won't make that much of a difference for you. Don't get me wrong, the 1DXMIII is absolutely incredible. BUT it is just overkill for the majority of us. Buy or sell new and used 1DXMII on Gear Focus! At the end of the day, save yourself a few thousand dollars and pick up a Canon 1DXMII over the 1DXMIII. If you take a look at the B-Roll in the Youtube video, it is pretty apparent that this camera still holds its ground. This is especially true in the video world. Or of course if you are looking to sell a Canon 1DXMII, head over to Gear Focus today and list for FREE! I hope you all enjoyed this weeks episode and stay tuned for more awesome video content! I'll see you all next week!!

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