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Feb 2, 2020

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Welcome to our first episode of our Creator Interview series! In this series we get together with Script-to-Screen Filmmaker - Tony Marion. Tony is a local filmmaker and director, hailing from Lancaster, PA, Tony has spent over two decades in the film and advertising world. From humble beginnings with stop motion, Tony has progressed to full blown films and productions. Part of Tony's success is due, in part, to learning Adobe After Effects and becoming a pro at visual effects. From there, Tony went on to work full time for a company in Baltimore to create all of their video content as the Script-to-Screen Filmmaker.

Getting Started as a Script-to-Screen Filmmaker

After stop motion projects, Tony started out in the BMX film world. In the early 90s, BMX and skateboarding video parts were one of the first forms of video marketing. They still remain extremely popular. Tony was one of the premiere BMX videographers during this time. He released several video parts for Snakebite BMX, some of which and be found here.  Unfortunately, this was not a long term stint for Tony and he needed to transition to other forms of video.

Transition to the Film World

After BMX, in the late 2000s, Tony started at DuClaw brewing company. While he was there, Tony and his team came up with a series known as "Beervengers". They were able to create a whole slew of characters and short films. Because of this, the process allowed Tony to really hone in on his writing and directing skills and prefect them. In the summer of 2019, Tony began production on a film titled "Loose Ends". Gear Focus' own Dan Weinel was a producer and actor in this film. When talking about this film, Tony emphasized the point of "Story is King". Not everyone can have a multi-million dollar budget for their films. It's just not possible. However, anyone can write a good story and once you have a good story, the rest of the work is just a vessel to tell that story.

What's next for Tony?

2020 will be a year of growth and self-promotion for Tony. Loose Ends premiered on February 23, 2020. The rest of the year will be spent promoting that film through a number of different shows and events. But, Tony has a few other tricks up his sleeve. There are several other projects that Tony will be working on in 2020. To hear the full interview, head over to our Youtube channel and watch the full video here. Or you can stream the podcast it here for on-the-go listening.

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