Tips for Protecting Your Camera Gear


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Feb 3, 2020

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Several things can damage your camera, from the weather, to the environment you’re shooting in, to poor storage. We all know how much we’ve spent on our camera gear, which is why keeping your gear safe should be a priority for all photographers. These tips for protecting your camera gear will ensure you can keep doing what you love with a functioning camera.

Get a Reliable Camera Bag

First and foremost, anytime you’re not using the camera, it should be in a weatherproof bag. Many manufacturers have bags that are specific to the camera model; these are great bags, but more options are available with additional storage and features. For example, some camera bags look like messenger bags if you want something more stylish, while other bags come in hard cases or backpacks for all you travel photographers. Each of these bags should include padding, compartments for storage, and dividers to keep your lenses safe.

Protect the Lenses

Aside from keeping your lenses safe when they’re in the bag with the dividers and sleeves, they need protection in between shots. A simple way to keep your lens safe in between shots is by using a lens cap. These caps will keep your lens from getting scratched or smudged. If you do end up with a smudged lens use a lens cloth—and no, your cotton T-shirt is never okay to wipe your lens with.

The Weather Isn’t Your Camera’s Friend

Regardless if it’s a hot summer day in Phoenix or a frigid winter night in Chicago, there really isn’t an ideal temperature for your camera. The temperature alone can damage the plastic of the camera or the LCD screen, not to mention precipitation, which can seep into all the gaps of your camera and ruin it. We understand that sometimes you need to shoot outside in inclement weather, so make sure you get a rain cover to keep your camera from getting damaged. In addition to camera rain covers, we’d suggest investing in weather-sealed gear to ensure the internal parts of your camera aren’t damaged by harsh conditions. By following these tips for protecting your camera gear, you’ll extend the life of your camera and lenses. If you decide to upgrade to a different camera in the future, you’ll want to sell your current camera and get the most value for it. By keeping your current camera safe from damage, it’ll maintain its value and be much easier to resell. You can find any of the protective gear mentioned in this article at Gear Focus. In addition to our new inventory, we sell used camera equipment for those of you looking for a great deal.

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