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Feb 14, 2020

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Happy Friday everyone!! One of the best things about Gear Focus Friday is we get to talk about all the awesome gear in our industry. On this week's episode of Gear Focus Friday, we are going to take a look at what I use for my Freelance Videography shoots. This is what's in my camera bag!   https://youtu.be/n3IDPa7xPWk My main goal for this kit is to keep it as small and light as possible all while having everything that I would need for the shoot at any time. The Pelican 1510 waterproof case with the Trekpak divider system allows me to accomplish just that. The 1510 keeps my gear safe and secure while the TrekpaK system keeps it all in place inside the case.

The Case Itself

One of the great things about the TrekPak system is that you can adjust and customize the set up however you want.  You just pull the pins and move your dividers wherever you want in the case. Also, because the dividers are more rigid than its foam counterparts, all of my items stay secure in the case and I don't have to worry about my gear moving around. But enough about the case, as that's not the important part. We are hear to talk about what goes inside that case!!

What Goes in My Camera Bag

Recently, I switched into the Canon EOS R system and I've been loving it ever since. This camera shoots some very high quality video and also allows me to take some awesome stills if I need to as well. The EOS R also allows me to access and use the new Canon RF glass which is just downright amazing. Canon EOS R goes in my camera bag The colors that come straight out of the camera are absolutely incredible. I oftentimes find myself not having to color grade my footage because it came out of the camera so well. Another great benefit of the EOS R in my camera bag is that it is so light! Being a mirrorless camera, the weight is kept to a minimum which is extremely important, especially if I am running around with the camera all day. As far as lenses go, I only take two lenses with me typically. My first go-to lens in the Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 Macro lens. This lens is great because its a fairly cheap lens, so pretty much anyone can access it. But it also has a 1.8 aperture so I can get some really great shots in low light, as well as creating a larger depth of field. "Video workhorse" lens: the 24-105 f/1.4 Canon L Series The other lens I use is the "Video Workhorse" lens. That is 24-105 F/4 lens. I use the Canon L series version. This lens is perfect for my camera bag because it can shoot such a wide range. Having the wide angle on the 24mm side and a little bit of zoom on the 105 side allows me to have a wide variety of shot options from one, single lens. Plus the lens is relatively small, which we already know is important.

My Go-To Audio Setup

Let's talk about audio. My go-to for audio, most of the time, is a lav mic. I am currently using the Rode RodeLink system. The sound from this system is great, but the main draw is the usability of this system. Its basically a 1-touch system where once the units are powered up, they automatically link together. Once the units are linked, I just feed the output directly into the camera. Most of the time, I don't need an external audio recorder, so the built-in mic input on the camera works just fine. It's nice and compact so it fits right in my camera bag.

Media Storage

Because I use the EOS R, I use SD cards for my recording media. In order to keep all of that safe i use a water proof SD Card holder, like the one from BEEWay. This are super cheap on Amazon, but do a really great job of keeping my cards safe and organized.

Other Essential Odds and Ends

Now these last few items are not exactly pieces of camera gear, but they are essential in my kit to keep everything running smoothly. Because I am a former Sony shooter, I got into the habit of carrying a lens blower in my case. These allow you to easy and safely blow dust and dirt off of your lens or sensor. In my mind, this is absolutely essential for anyone's kit. Lens cleaning kits are absolutely essential in your camera bag Along those same lines, I keep a lens cleaning kit in my case as well. This has a lens cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth in it as well to help clean your lenses or even your monitors should they get finger prints or dirt on them. The last thing I want to mention is the Apurture AL-M9 light. I keep two of these in my case at all times. These are fantastic because they have some magnetic diffusion that can be popped off and the included gels can be installed underneath to help warm or cool the light. These lights are really powerful considering their size and I've been known to use them as a Key Light in certain situations.

So What's in YOUR Camera Bag?

Alright everyone, so that's what's in my camera bag! Let us know in the comments down below what you think about my camera kit. Also, while you're down there, let me know what you all are using in your kit as well!!

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