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Mar 27, 2020

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Similar to cars - it is often in your best financial interest to buy used. But why should you buy a used camera? We've put together a compilation of why it is best to buy a used camera when possible.

Why Buy a Used Camera?

As we mentioned previously, buying a used camera is similar to buying a used car. It almost always makes more financial sense to buy a used car. With depreciation and other factors, it can be a no-brainer. But sometimes buying new is smarter: looking at the warranty and/or how good the used market inventory appears. Similarly, a used camera will depreciate fairly rapidly (though not as fast as a car!) So pricing is one important consideration to make when buying a camera.

Costs and other differences

So it's generally much cheaper to buy a used camera, what other conditions should I keep in mind? Add-ons. A lot of used cameras are sold as bundles (often at reduced rates.) You can often find camera bundles that include additional batteries, grips, and even lenses for less than the normal cost of a brand new camera body. Think about it: if you were to switch to a new camera system, what would you do with all the accessories you had accumulated over the years specific to your old camera? If they aren't compatible (or you changed brands and the lenses won't for your new camera) you would likely sell them all together. buy used cameras More pieces of gear in your hand for the same or less cost is always a win. You can end up getting quite the bargain if you shop around enough and find the right seller that is looking to unload gear quickly.

Gaining Valuable Insight into your Newly Bought Camera

Another often overlooked benefit when you buy a used camera is the experience from the previous owner. Gear Focus is dedicated to creating a community built around the members. We are fostering an environment of collaboration between users and know that we're all working together to improve. With that in mind, we like to think our users are the type to freely answer any questions related to the gear they are selling. Shop for used camera gear Take advantage of this knowledge when shopping for a new setup! Ask questions about the gear itself, how it was used, even why it's being sold. The sellers will most likely have a wealth of knowledge on their camera gear. Shop for used camera gear with a trusted site like Gear Focus to ensure you are getting what you paid for without fear of being scammed.

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