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Apr 3, 2020

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Blackmagic Design has announced some new developments in their live production and camera product line. Take a look at the interesting Blackmagic Design updates that were announced today.

The Big Blackmagic Design Update

The major announcement today was the updated new release of their ATEM Mini line: the ATEM Mini Pro. First, a look at the original ATEM Mini: Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini ATEM mini is a switcher/control panel in one unit with USB inputs and HDMI outputs. Great for use with Skype/consumer camcorders/etc. There are audio compressors/limiters for all inputs. BMPCC 4K/6K auto sync and uses tally lights on the cameras to make it easy for presenters to see which camera is live. Although you can still change settings locally on the camera, updates on the switcher will overrule these changes. There are also built in DaVinci color controls to make adjustments to cameras from a central location. The ATEM Mini retails for $295.

And Now the New Release

ATEM Mini Pro The major Blackmagic Design update was the new release of the ATEM Mini Pro. The new release looks very similar to the previous design, with some notable differences. Specs on the pro are as follows:
  • Streaming hardware built in so no dropped frames
  • Video outputs directly to streaming codecs
  • Connect to computer to control switcher via computer
  • Small bit of memory for caching stream in case of data rate/internet loss
  • Record videostream simultaneously as livestream directly to external device in h.264 codec
  • Timecode generator - each camera will have exact same matching timecodes
  • Record every camera stream independently for post-production
ATEM Mini Pro computer program switcher The ATEM Mini Pro retails for $595.

Other Updates Announced

There was also a big Blackmagic Design update to the HyperDeck Studio Mini. The Blackmagic HyperDeck will now offer longer file recording times. Users will be able to record up to at least 3 hours before a new file is created. This is a major improvement over the one hour limit before. There is also an update to offer Interlaced support for broadcasting in 1080i. And AAC audio codecs are also now supported. Another huge improvement is the upload/download speed from 2mbps up to 110 mbps. This free update is available starting today for your HyperDeck Studio Mini.

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