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Sep 16, 2020

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Looking to get your first RED camera? Gear Focus got our hands on an early release of the RED Komodo Storm Trooper edition model and o far we are loving it. Read more and find out why.

Our Journey with the RED Komodo Begins

After months of waiting on a pre-order list, we finally got notification that our number was up and our RED KOMODO Stormtrooper edition was ready to ship! We receive the camera a couple of weeks ago and have been shooting with it daily ever since. Our first video was a basic unboxing and initial testing, with promises for a lot more content, sample footage, testing (Like a comparison to the Black Magic Pocket Cinema 6K) and even an upcoming short film. Our first shoot was an interview for a local drag racing team in PA. While the shoot was successful, this was our very first shoot with the camera and already learned a lot since then. The RED Komodo was not used as the main A Cam since we didn't want to rely on a brand new camera for the paid shoot. Instead we used our BMPC6K which we have used for hundreds of shoots. Here is a screen grab from our first shoot with the RED Komodo and the BMPC6K. Right off the bat you can see the increased dynamic range of the Komodo compared to the Black Magic. Now, keep in mind we used the default settings for in camera contrast and highlight roll-offs. RED Komodo Sample Image

We learned a LOT on our first shoot with the RED Komodo

Anytime you get a new piece of gear there is a learning curve. This is even more the case, when you are getting into a completely new ecosystem like RED. There are processes and knowledge that you need to learn and the only true way to do that is to use the camera gear as much as possible. Yes, you need to eat, sleep and $%^& with the gear to know it backwards and forwards. That's why we got it out right away in a real life project. Since then we have already begun shooting with the RED Komodo in various settings such as; outdoor, a studio environment, low light testing and more. In the weeks ahead, we will be documenting our journey with the Komodo in hopes that showing our journey, sharing our mistakes and what we have learned for anyone who is considering getting the RED Komodo once it is finally officially released, which is coming soon. Sample Footage - Komodo R3D vs. ProRes Initial Tests Q&A Live Stream with Joey Helms

Learning the RED Ecosystem

For many people the RED Komodo will likely be their first RED camera due to the lowest cost yet on investment into the RED ecosystem. That's why we not only are documenting our journey, but have also teamed up with experience RED users to help others decide and what they need to learn and understand when buying their first RED camera. Check out the latest video on our channel by Alex Schneider, who talks about several tips and advice on Getting Started with the RED ecosystem.

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