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Oct 16, 2020

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K&F Concept makes a wide range of high quality and affordable photography accessories. From filters and tripods to lens adapters and more. When K&F Concept sent us out one of their square filter systems to test out, we were very impressed. Find out why and see for yourself in our latest video with the K&F Concept square filter system review.

While a lot of photographers and videographers are using round, on lenses filters, often times those simply do not cut it in specific types of work. Landscape photography is definitely one of those, where a square filter system is the way to go.

square metal filter holder
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Upon opening up the system, we were very impressed with the quality of the product and knew this was going to be a fun product review. The filter holder is made out of high quality metal and the leather cases are equally pro, with a pull tab for getting out the filter, without having to touch the front of the filter and smudge it up.

The filters we were sent were a 1000ND square 100mmx100mm filter and a soft gradient 150mmx100mm. Both where high quality and performed very well without any notice of color tint found in cheaper filters. They do offer a normal gradient filter as we have shown below.

K&Fo Concept offers their kit without any filters if you already have them, or you can buy their starter kit which includes an ND1000 Filter.

ND1000 Square Filter mm + Metal Holder + 7pcs Adapter Rings

Overall as you can see from the video. Other than dropping the gradient filter and having it shatter, which of course was all our fault, the product was very impressive. If you have been looking for a square filter system for your landscape photography or other needs, K&F Concept is a great option.

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