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Nov 19, 2020

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We love camera gear and love even more when we get our hands on brand new gear that has just been released! Today we have the brand new Lume cube panel pro RGB light and so far we are absolutely loving this small yet powerful light. Lume cube has just released their first ever RGB light. Very similar form factor and size to their previous Panel Pro, but with a few tweaks and improvements in our opinion. Such as, the larger LCD screen, side buttons and square design. The square design of the new panel pro allows you to stand up the light on a flat surface without needing the attach a tripod or the included shoe mount which we have always done with the original lume cube panel pro. Lume cube has always made great products and they are simply just a great company with amazing support. While you can probably find an RGB light for less money, most likely it will be one of the ones we have used in the past that simply break over time and the company support is lacking. Overall we are very impressed with the new Lume cube panel Pro RGB and was excited to finally see some color added to their great line up of portable lighting for photo and video. Check out our full video review of the Lume Cube Power Pro below to see if this light is right for you. If it is, head over to our store quickly, because the first 1000 are going for $30 off the regular price of $229.95.
$ 199.00 $ 229.95


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lume cube panel pro RGBlume cube panel pro RGB

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