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Apr 20, 2020

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One of the most important elements of any visual story is the lighting. Often overlooked, lighting can really make or break your video. Whether it's stylistic color gels to evoke different emotions, or pinpoint light to highlight specific features of your set: the lighting is ALWAYS of utmost importance. Today we're looking at some of the best LED lights under $100 for filmmakers. Starting out it can be tough to figure out what gear you NEED and where you can skimp on your budget. Filmmaking budgets are always tight, but investing in the right pieces is essential. That's why we are taking a look at some of the best LED lights under $100.

Best LED Lights Under $100

Here are a couple of our favorite lights that you can get for less than a hundred bucks.

What's great about all these lights is that they are all very small and portable. When you are first getting into the world of filmmaking, there are a number of trade-offs you will find yourself making. Some of these include finding budget gear that fits your needs. Like these best LED lights under $100 for example. Of course, you will always be able to upgrade down the line, so keep resale value in mind. That way, when you are ready for an upgrade, you can sell your older gear on Gear Focus!

Viltrox L116T

Viltrox light - best led light under $100 The Viltrox light panel is a very slim, very portable light. And at under $40, it is quite cost effective as far as lighting solutions. Another great feature of this light is that it can be powered with a Sony NP-F550 battery. This makes it even more portable! Rounded out with adjustable color temperatures, this light is a great bargain. Which is why it's included in our "best LED lights under $100!

Came-TV P20R RGB Panel

Came-TV RGB Panel The Came-TV panel is another lightweight and portable light. It comes in a nice carrying case and includes more accessories. You can use two Sony NPF batteries, or plug directly into a wall outlet. It is a bit thicker than the Viltrox. This light comes in at just under $100, which means it just barely meets the criteria of best LED lights under $100. You can go down to 1% if you need just a hint of light! Multiple RGB colors round out the many nice features with this light.

And Our Last BEST LED Light Under $100: the Youkoyi Light Wand

Youkoyi Light Wand This is an interesting light wand, which is why we wanted to include it in our list of best LED lights under $100. Again, this light wand is powered by either a Sony NPF battery, or a DC input. This light also features an RGB setting for changing the color of the light. One drawback we've noticed with this light is that it is difficult to adjust the color value.

Full Review of These Best LED Lights Under $100

We wanted to give a special shout out to our very first guest host: Armando Ferreira! Thanks Armando for the stellar reviews on these LED light kits. Be sure to check out Armando's YouTube channel and subscribe if you haven't already. And also don't forget to visit his Gear Focus store.

 Finding the Right Light

While price isn't everything, it obviously plays a pretty big part in decision making. This is especially true when you are first starting out. There is no reason to spend large chunks of money on top-of-the-line gear when you may find it's not the right field for you. So think about your goals and what you will want and need to be shooting. Once you know this, you can come up with a budget that you are comfortable investing in this endeavor. Then you will be able to create a budget, and plan for which pieces of gear you need the most. You'll also be able to determine how much you want to spend on different pieces of gear. Maybe one of these best LED lights under $100 won't cut it, and you want to spend more. Or maybe you won't be able to afford any lighting at all.

Don't Scrap Your Budget

Once you have a plan in place, it's important to stick to it! Don't scrap your budget plans and buy something too expensive. Focus on the gear you need now and what will be useful in the long haul. For example, purchasing one of these best LED lights under $100 is likely to be well within your budget, so don't overspend if you don't have to. And as mentioned, when you are ready to move up to a more expensive kit, you can always recoup some of that initial investment by selling your old gear. Get started and join Gear Focus today.

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