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May 18, 2020

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Welcome to Gear Focus! We wanted to take a few minutes to address some common concerns/questions about the service we provide. Gear Focus is an online marketplace that provides a safe place to buy and sell camera gear. We offer Gear Focus Protection, which protects both buyers and sellers.

Gear Focus Protection

So what is Gear Focus Protection? This is our layer of safety that covers both buyers and sellers alike. The creators of Gear Focus have been through the process of buying and selling gear thousands of times, and were fed up with issues that can arise from trying to buy or sell used camera gear. That is why we founded Gear Focus to offer a safe place for creatives to list their gear without worrying about high seller fees or outright scams.

Let's Start With Buyer Protection

When you purchase a used piece of gear on Gear Focus, we alert the seller that their item is sold. The seller then packs your gear and ships it out to you. Sellers are required to provide tracking information when they send their gear. Once you've received the item, you simply mark the order as "delivered" and we transfer the funds to the seller's account. buyer protection: safe and convenient As part of our Gear Focus Protection, we verify all sellers on our platform through BOTH email and phone verification procedures. All sellers must verify both forms BEFORE they are able to list anything on Gear Focus. In the event that a seller neglects to ship an item in a timely manner, we will cancel the order and refund the buyer in full immediately. As mentioned, we are a collective of filmmakers, photographers, and videographers. We've bought and sold thousands of items between us, and know first hand the red flags to look out for. Our staff reviews new listings to prevent fraud or misleading information.

And Gear Focus Protection for Sellers

Gear Focus collects all funds and verifies payments before all sales. Therefore you don't have to worry about which methods of payments you accept. Once we have valid payment, you'll receive the confirmation email notifying you to ship the item. We'll release the funds to your account once the camera has been delivered. Your Gear Focus Balance can be used directly for purchases on Gear Focus, or withdrawn to your bank account. Seller protection: never worry about scammers Sellers can rest assured that the money for their items will be placed in their account once their gear has been delivered. In this way, you'll never have to worry about scammers using false payments to try and steal your gear.

In Case of an Issue

If something does go wrong with a listing, Gear Focus Protection is there to protect both the buyer and the seller. If an issue arises, our staff will review the issue and work with both the buyer and the seller to determine a solution. Generally, buyers and sellers are often able to come to solutions on their own without the involvement of Gear Focus. If you still have any questions, feel free to read our protection page or contact us anytime.

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