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Jan 1, 2021

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Helping camera shops drive online sales has always been one of our missions here at Gear Focus. Over the years it's been hard for smaller camera shops to compete with the big box stores when selling both used and new camera gear online. Often, manufacturers will limit online sales to only larger shops who hit thresholds in yearly sales. Tamron has recently opened its doors to allow the sale of new items on Gear Focus and are working with other major brands to do the same. While sellers of new camera gear accessories have been a part of Gear Focus since our launch, like K&F Concept, now smaller camera shops are able to sell new camera equipment as well. Focal Point Photography out of Oregon has received approval from Tamron to sell their full line of new condition lenses and adapters on Gear Focus. This is a huge shift and opportunity to allow Gear Focus to drive online sales for smaller camera shops around the US and beyond. These shops therefore, do not need to take on the costs of managing an e-commerce website, let alone needing to spend huge advertising budgets to compete with the big box stores. Support Small Business and Shop Now

We Advertise to Grow Camera Shop Sales

Mom-and-pop stores are often operations that struggle to compete with more substantial establishments, such as big-box retailers, who generally boast more buying power than smaller players. All listings on Gear Focus are promoted via large community of creatives via; Google Shopping, paid advertising, social media, email marketing and more. As our outreach and community grows, so does exposure to their stores and sales. Supporting small businesses, especially during these very difficult times, is something we are very excited about here at Gear Focus. "This is just the first step for evening out the playing field in our industry to support small business camera shops." Matthew Baron founder of Gear Focus.

Making it Easy for Camera Shops

Streamlining the process of managing inventory for these shops is one of our main priorities moving forward. Soon, stores will be able to API into their current POS systems to manage listing inventory. This will reduce the time stores need to spend on managing their listings, thus increasing ROI for their business.

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