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May 5, 2021

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NEW UPDATES: May 6th! You spoke and we listened. At Gear Focus our first priority is and has always been to create a safe and friendly marketplace for our members. Part of that is listening to the community and making updates based on the needs of our users. We are stoked to release these recent Gear Focus updates based on your feedback.

NEW Gear Focus Updates!

We have some major updates scheduled to drop on May 6th for our users. These include bug fixes as well as user experience improvements and UI updates. These are things that we have wanted to implement since we launched so we are really excited to finally get some of these out!

Improved Messaging System

Gear Focus Update: Messaging The first of big updates is an improvement to the messaging system. Previously, clicking the "contact now" button atop a listing would send a private message to the seller without referencing the product. Now an image and link to the product page are included in the message to make it easier for buyers and sellers to communicate. This has been hands down one of the most important Gear Focus updates we have wanted to get out!

Improved Mobile Experience

This new Gear Focus update also comes with a ton of improved mobile functionality. We understand more and more people are visiting our site and purchasing gear from mobile and tablet devices. So we have added improvements and enhancements to make the mobile experience more user friendly and intuitive. Also, our official mobile app is in the works and will be the next major release in 2021! See below for more information on the upcoming mobile app! We know that many of our users prefer the mobile experience so this is just one more step to create the best possible experience when using Gear Focus.    

Streamlined Gear Posting

Another area with huge improvements is the process for adding your gear for sale! We have streamlined the way you select categories for your gear in order to make it faster and easier. Simply select the main category from the dropdown menu, and then you'll be able to select a subcategory! We've also removed a glitch that would allow sellers to accidentally put their items on sale for more than the sell price as well as accidentally offering their gear for free.


These new updates are just the start of improvements yet to come! We have a lot of new features in the works that are going to make your experience even better and easier in the future. Stay tuned to the newsletter as well as here on the blog for more information on the next Gear Focus update. Here's what we're working on next:
  • Make an Offer
  • Gear Locker
  • Mobile App
  • Follow this Search
  • My Gear Feed

Make an Offer

Future Gear Focus Updates: Make an Offer This is a feature that we are in development on and want to release as soon as it's ready. We have gotten a lot of feedback on how exactly this feature should function so we want to make sure everything is right before it is released. In the future, you will be able to submit an offer to a seller that has this feature enabled. If accepted, simply click the buy now button and the price will be locked in! This feature is almost ready and will be released soon! Stay tuned for more info in the near future - like Gear Focus on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Gear Locker

Camera Gear Locker The Gear Locker is an exciting future Gear Focus update that we are thrilled to be working on. You can add specific items to your locker so we know what exact gear you have and may be willing to part with. Have a spare GH5 in your locker? If we have a buyer that "follows this search" for a GH5, we may send a curated email just to you to let you know buyers are interested in that item. Or if you have a Nikon camera in your locker we can send you specific listings for lenses that will fit your camera. This feature is still in development, but we expect it to function like this upon release.

Mobile App

Gear Focus App As mentioned above, the Gear Focus official mobile app is on its way! The dedicated Gear Focus mobile app is an exciting new way to buy and sell used camera gear. We are pumped to get our app on the App Store to reach even more people. We know that a huge amount of our users are browsing for used gear with a mobile device, so this will make things much easier to navigate! This Gear Focus update will likely see two phases, with the initial launch of the app being a streamlined experience. In the future, a more robust app will offer many of the same features as the website.    

Follow this Search

Follow This SearchThis feature will be part of a future Gear Focus update. This is currently in the initial phases of development, so we hope to have it ready later this year. Can't find the specific piece of gear you're looking for? Follow this search and be notified as soon as a seller lists one! Simply click the "Follow this Search" button on a page and it will be added to your gear feed.      

My Gear Feed

My Gear Feed All your searches in one place! Your gear feed will be curated content based on the criteria you specify. So you can add brands you want to follow, or other gear to get exactly the kind of gear you want to see more of - right to your inbox. Options for setting daily or weekly updates will allow you even more control over your gear feed. This Gear Focus update is still in development so we'll have more information soon!

Next Round of Gear Focus Updates

We want to hear from you! These recent Gear Focus updates come from the community asking for more features or streamlined processes. So it is the community that helps decide how Gear Focus functions. As always, we welcome and love all feedback and constructive criticisms. Please leave a comment below if you have ideas for the next round of Gear Focus updates. Or if you have any ideas that you want to see implemented. You can submit your feedback

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