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May 21, 2021

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A monitor cage isn't something a lot of people think about. However, they can save your butt and also add functionality to your monitor. Today we are talking about the Atomos Shinobi/Ninja V cage from Nitze. As common as camera cages are, monitor cages are just not something people often think about.

Do You Need a Nitze Monitor Cage?

This particular cage from Nitze saved my monitor during a shoot recently. A scrim had been propped up, and a breeze tipped it into the stand the monitor was on. The monitor came out unscathed, although I did lose a filter. (Rob, if you're reading this, thank you for saving the camera too!)


Nitze Monitor Cage

Besides protection, this cage offers a lot of functionality. There are quarter 20 attachments all over the cage. This allows you to easily attach peripherals such as a wireless video unit, a focus wheel, or anything you could think of! This cage also looks aesthetically pleasing. The cage fits tight to the body and has a sleek matte black finish. The included sun hood also works very well and installs and removes easily.

The Nitze Monitor Cage

Multiple other subtle aspects of the cage’s design make it one of the sleekest, ergonomic camera cages available. This includes a compartment to directly attach and store the cage’s assembly Allen wrench into the cage. This ensures that you will always have immediate access to the primary tool used to assemble and disassemble the variety of components used within the cage’s design. The Nitze Atomos Ninja V cage designed for the 5 Inch Atomos Ninja V is also suitable for the Shinobi. It is made of a lightweight aluminum alloy. The LS5-B hood that is included with the kit can be connected through the reserved holes.

Nitze Monitor Cage

This is to help you effectively block the light and provide a good experience. The Atomos Ninja V sun hood meets outdoor and any glare shooting needs. The PE11 HDMI cable clamp firmly fixes your HDMI cable and prevents it from shifting or being damaged. The monitor shield is very sturdy and thick. Included with the monitor cold shoe mount is a 3/4 16 to 1/4 20 adapter for the hole in the bottom (3/4 16). This gives you three options for mounting the monitor via supplied cold shoe.

Final Breakdown

Nitze Monitor Cage

Overall I like this cage a lot. I was a little unsure about putting a cage on my monitor, but I'm glad that I did. The kit came with a very sturdy red & black shoe mount to attach your Ninja V to nearly anywhere on your rig. The bracket also comes assembled, which saves you time. I'm curious how many people are currently running cages on their monitors.

If so, let me know down in the comments below which monitor you're using and which cage you're using. Maybe we can find some solutions for one another. Also, make sure you check out if you're looking to buy or sell some gear, we recently updated out platform with some cool new features. And as always, stay safe, stay healthy, and remember Gear Focus is always here to help you Feed Your Passion.

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