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Aug 19, 2021

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Are you looking to speed up your work flow when doing multi-camera shoots and editing? We have our popular series video showing how to do just that in under 5 mins. We are answering the most asked questions on our first basic premiere pro mulitcam video.

Dealing with several videos

The biggest question I get is “what if I have more than two video clips?!” The proper way to address this would be before you even start recording video, by using time code to sync everything. That makes it a very simple process. But I understand that not everyone has access to time code generators. Unfortunately that means a bit more work for us. If you have a good, clear audio source you may get lucky and be able to create your sequence from your bin, by highlighting everything, right click and create multi-cam. But a lot of times that doesn’t work. So unfortunately the only other option is to manually align. I know, it sucks. The good news is, once you get your clips all lined up the process is exactly the same as before, nest all the clips, convert to multicam and boom! You’re cuttin.


again, we have an easy way, and the harder way. The easy way is to do a basic Rec.709 conversion and white balance before you make the nest. Then after you’re done cutting, you can use adjustment layers for grading on the main sequence. now if you didn’t do that and you cut first, there is a way to get to the clips for grading. You just double click your nest. And you can get all the way down to the clip level and do the grade on the master. Then you don’t have to do individual clips. ? now I didn’t want to make this video too long cuz that was one of the top comments on the last video! If you guys have additional multicam questions, drop them down in the comments and maybe we can make a part 3! And while you’re down there make sure you hit that like and subscribe button, it really does make a difference for us. thanks for watching, I hope to see you in the next video, until then stay safe, stay healthy and remember GF….. Looking to speed up your editing even more? Check out our vide on 10 tips to do just that!

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