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Aug 5, 2021

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World Photography Day 2021 is coming! Celebrate this awesome day with Gear Focus and Lume Cube on 8/19. We are happy to announce our contribution to this awesome giveaway: a $250 Gear Focus gift card! Read more about the holiday, Lume Cube, and this giveaway here.

World Photography Day 2021

August 19th is World Photography Day, which was created in order to celebrate the art and craft that we love. It is a day that we commemorate the history of the hobby. The day was first globally celebrated in 2010, and has grown ever since. August 19th is a day to capture the world around you and share your photos!

Entering the Giveaway

World Photography Day 2021 It's so easy to enter the Lume Cube World Photography Day 2021 giveaway!

Simply head over here and register for the contest

Over $5000 in Camera Gear Prizes

World Photography Day Giveaway 2021 That's it! Lume Cube makes all kinds of awesome lighting solutions and kits for a huge variety of uses in filmmaking and photography. Check out our reviews of the Lume Cube Panel Pro, Lume Cube Panel Mini, or the Lume Cube 2.0. As you can see, we are big fans of Lume Cube!

Gear Focus Partnership

We are proud to partner with Lume Cube for another World Photography Day giveaway! This is the second year in a row that Gear Focus will be giving away a $250 gift card as part of the giveaway! Enter the Lume Cube Giveaway for your chance to win a $250 credit to Gear Focus. You can use the gift card for purchases on anything on the site!

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