Fujifilm X-E3 - The Perfect Everyday Camera?

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Sep 9, 2021

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The Fujifilm X-E3 is undoubtedly an amazing everyday camera. But is it a good everyday camera for you? Read this Fujifilm X-E3 review to find out.


Sometimes it's nice to own a few specific cameras for specific purposes. Professional jobs often require a different of performance and different strengths than what smaller or more casual cameras can provide. But that doesn't mean you should settle for low quality photos to capture your normal life, memories, or maybe even street photography. everyday camera


Fujifilm has been building a reputation over the last handful of years for it's amazing image quality. Never before has shooting just jpg's been an option. Not until Fujifilm started offering high quality file sizes that are still flexible. Another benefit of shooting with Fuji jpg's instead of RAW is for the "recipe's". Objectively just a preset inside of the camera instead of in post, the stock recipe's inside of these cameras are made to emulate real film stocks. And they do a pretty great job! Others have also taken it upon themselves to create custom recipes that emulate film stocks such as Portra 400, Cinestill 800, and dozens more. When shooting with .jpg files and film recipes very little needs to be done in post. This makes a huge difference if you plan on creating a lot of content with your everyday camera of choice. If you are looking for a camera to sync to your phone and post high quality photos to social media or send to friends without having to wait then the Fuji X-E3 would be an amazing option.  


The X-E3 is extremely portable. The copy shown has an aftermarket hand grip; which is still easy to throw in your bag. But when just shooting with the camera body and a lens this camera can even be easy to forget you have it with you. Maybe purchase a wrist strap just in case?   The camera body itself weighs in at under 12 oz and thankfully the majority of X Mount lenses are extremely small. So they won't add much bulk at all. It's safe to say that the subtle vintage inspired design elements in the new Fujifilm camera's is a nice touch. Not the most important aspect of your purchasing decision, but a nice looking camera does in fact make carrying it with you every day that much more enjoyable. Most of the models come in both a sleek all black finish or a classic two-tone silver and black.    


No camera is perfect. This is just a reality and it is up to you to decide whether a camera fits your shooting style and content correctly. When it comes to the Fujifilm X-E3 there are a few things that you need to consider. First is that the camera body, and the majority of Fujifilm's are equipped with crop sensors. This means that compared to a full size sensor, they could struggle in low light and you won't get as much bokeh. Which could be a drawback if either of those are a regular shooting environment or a creative choice for you. Another thing to think about before buying this camera is what other cameras do you currently own? Each brand has slightly different color science, which could create different workflows. So something that might be something to try is to own the same brand of camera bodies in your kit.  


Who would be suggest buy a Fujifilm X-E3 as their everyday camera? It's simple. The experienced creative looking to supplement their camera arsenal with a smaller version of their main camera body; or a slightly less experienced photographer that is looking for an all around great camera to create with on a daily basis.

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