Traveling to film a Volcano? What Gear should you bring?


Pierce Codina

Oct 20, 2021

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Youtube star, filmmaker, and frequent Gear Focus seller Joey Helms is a man of many talents, one of which is galavanting around the globe and capturing the most stunning footage nature has to offer. Helms recently partnered with Gear Focus for an in-depth look at the gear he uses when he hits the trail. What's in my gear bag?

What should you take?

From a trusty drone (one of which took a plunge into an active volcano, see below) to the Red Komodo, Helms' gear list is an extensive checklist for beginners and advanced globe trotters alike. Take a look at what he brings when he hits the road below and don't forget to check out his shop.

What should you avoid?

Bring the drone. Avoid the volcano? A video too remarkable not to share. Joey goes viral and drives a DJI FPV a little too close to the flame. You can probably guess what happens next. Looking to capture some stunning footage of your own? Scope out some of the best-used drone listings on the site and get grab a scorcher of a deal. Don't know where to start? Check out our friendly guide and video below.  

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