Gear Focus Featured in PC Mag


Pierce Codina

Dec 9, 2021

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The chips are down for new camera gear and consumers are taking notice. As we previously noted, new cameras are out of stock everywhere. Where are creatives going when they can't find that shiny new toy they've been pining for? More and more, creatives are turning to used gear in mint condition to fill their creative pursuits and the benefits are obvious. Not only is used gear cheaper, by purchasing on Gear Focus you can also support photographers and videographers just like you!

PC Mag recently took notice of the shortage in a piece titled "Can't Buy the New Camera You Want? Here's How to Find One You'll Love." Best of all, Gear Focus is listed as a top destination to grab great used gear! Check out the full article here.

We'd like to thank PC Mag for the shout-out! Not only is it an honor to be listed but helps in growing our community of buyers and sellers around the world!      

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