Should You Book a Pro Studio for Your Next Photo Shoot?

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Pierce Codina

Dec 28, 2021

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Ever wonder if renting out a studio is the way to go for a photo or video shoot? In the first episode of our newly launched "Between 2 Cameras" series, Gear Focus founder chats to studio owner Katie Simbala. After losing bookings during Covid, Simbala realized she didn't need to wait around for magic hour for the perfect shot. She could create her own, within the perfect controlled environment. Simbala gives us a tour through her beautiful studio in Baltimore, drops some major knowledge, and provides five great reasons you should consider booking a pro studio for your next shoot. Watch the full video or check out a quick recap below.

1. Controlled Environment

Is it really more expensive to rent a studio for a shoot? Think of the time wasted on scouting, waiting for perfect lighting, and the effects ole' mother nature can have on a shoot. For those keeping score, time = money. Having 100% control over your environment doesn't just shield you from the elements, it can also be an often-overlooked cost-saving mechanism.

2. Props

As shown in the video below, Katie Simbala's studio is stocked full of gorgeous props, including a grand piano. Searching for that perfect prop can add time & money.  Oftentimes, great props aren't exactly easy to come by or available for rent. If you don't have the means to build a storage container full of props, a great studio might be the best option.

3. Manifest Your Own Vision

At the end of the day, it's your art and vision that are on the line. What environment gives you the greatest flexibility to control that vision? With great preparation and planning, you can 100% manifest your own unique vision within a studio without the worry of unexpected interruptions.

4. Time/Cost

There's a reason most creatives carry around a camera and not a CPA. To put it bluntly, we aren't the best at assessing budgets. When you really add up the time to scout, weather interruptions, and wait for perfect lighting, it might be more affordable to seek out a studio space.

5. Increase Production Value

There's no doubt a solid studio space will up your production value. Whether it's consistent lighting, more fluidity in terms of blocking shots, or getting a great sound mix. If you've never worked in a studio environment, there's another reason to seek out renting one... the experience! We all know creativity involves exploring new horizons, get out there and try new things!    

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