The Battle for 6K - Red Komodo vs BMPCC6K

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Jan 13, 2021

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Red Komodo vs BMPCC6K . See how they hold up against each other. The results were pleasantly surprising! 2020 was a crazy year for camera releases! It felt like there was a new, groundbreaking camera coming out every month!! There was one camera however, that stood out from the pack. The Red Komodo! Now, having been Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K users for a little over a year now, we were super excited to see how the BMPCC6K held up to the RED Komodo. The results were pleasantly surprising!

Image Quality

First and foremost, we need to talk about the image coming out of these cameras. Both of these cameras have the ability to shoot 6K RAW video in their respective codecs. The Red Komodo has a 16-bit R3D codec and the Blackmagic has a 12-Bit BRAW codec. Komodo Dynamic Range The images for these cameras stacked up really nicely against each other. We were absolutely amazed at how well the Blackmagic competed with the Komodo. For a camera that is only $2000 USD, the BMPCC6K is an absolute BEAST of a camera. Best part is you can pick up a used Blackmagic Pocket 6K for even less than the cost of buying new.

Dynamic Range & Global Shutter

The Komodo has some advantages to the the BMPCC6K, mostly because of its increased dynamic range and global shutter. We were pleasantly surprised that most people preferred the image from the BMPCC6K straight out of camera.

Other Features

In the video we talk about numerous other points of comparison, such as form factor, mount types, weather sealing, etc. Feel free to head over to our Youtube Channel or watch the video down below! [embed][/embed]


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Red Komodo vs BMPCC6K - The battle for 6K

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