RED Komodo vs URSA G2 vs Sony FX9 - Which one fits your needs best?

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Feb 8, 2022

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Marcos Rocha, talks through his experience using 3 holy grail cameras, including the downsides he recalls from same-day rentals and returns! Behind the scenes footage from Marcos’ commercial and agency work is worth the watch alone, but what we love is his ability to go “beyond the hype” of cameras like Komodo and really showcase what it’s good it, and what you might need to consider… like the processing power of your computer when it comes to editing footage in 6K or the compatibility of the G2 with something like the Black Magic Pocket 4K. His hands-on approach to the work goes so far and beyond the studio we get some really juicy insights as to what it’s like to actively work in the field, the constant requests to shoot with the FX9, audio timecoding issues with the G2, and his love for EF mounts.

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