How a $400 Camera Won Me a $10,000 Camera

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Sep 7, 2022

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we presented our users with a unique challenge: craft a compelling short film using the gear they already owned, all within a budget of $2,500 USD. The response was overwhelming, with over 200 films submitted that left our team, including Gerald Undone, thoroughly impressed. 


Our entire team, including Gerald Undone was blown away by the over 200 films that were submitted. After a few weeks of painful deliberation, we chose a winner, "The Abyss." After an outpour of admiration and support, the creator Joshua Balich decided to provide the ultimate behind-the-scenes of how he made his film. If you've ever wondered how to create a compelling and visually-stunning film using a $400 camera, this is your masterclass. 


After careful consideration, we crowned "The Abyss" as the winner, a creation by the talented Joshua Balich. The outpouring of admiration and support for his film prompted Joshua to generously share the exclusive behind-the-scenes journey of bringing "The Abyss" to life. If you've ever pondered the art of creating a captivating and visually stunning film on a budget, Joshua's masterclass using a mere $400 camera is your golden ticket.


But Joshua's connection with Gear Focus doesn't end there. As the proud winner of our short film contest, he now holds the esteemed title of Gear Focus' content creator for our Youtube Channel. Joshua's story is a testament to the incredible potential that lies within used gear, emphasizing its significance as the starting point for young filmmakers eager to hone their skills.


Join us in celebrating Joshua Balich's triumph and delve into the insightful world of filmmaking on a budget, proving that creativity knows no bounds when fueled by passion and resourcefulness.

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