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Pierce Codina

Oct 19, 2022

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The world of Mobile content creation is rapidly becoming more popular. Mobile devices and tablets or now more powerful than they have ever been allowing content creators to take their work anywhere or Apple just announced the new iPad Pro with the M2 processing chip inside this completely changes the game for creating content on the go.

Apple iPad Pro gets the M2 Chip

[caption id="attachment_4855" align="alignnone" width="704"]iPad Pro M2 Image Credit: Apple[/caption]

For a long time there has been a hole in the mobile editing space. There hasn’t really been a good solution to edit video footage with a mobile device previously the only options were to use water down iOS apps, or bring a mobile computer with you. The only app that allows you to do anything similar was the Luma fusion app. Well, this was OK for basic editing. More complex cutting procedures weren’t exactly viable inside of Luma fusion.

However, with the new M2 chip added to the new iPad Pro, this gives the tablet, the same processing power as a MacBook Air. With this new chip, the iPad Pro will be able to run applications, natively, such as adobe Lightroom, and more surprisingly Davinci resolve.


The Future of Editing? iPad Pro Delivers

  [caption id="attachment_4856" align="alignnone" width="828"]DaVinci Resolve on iPad Pro Image Credit: Apple[/caption]

The added support for Davinci resolve on the iPad is more than it might seem on the surface. For a while, Apple users hoped that Final Cut Pro would be implemented on the mobile devices. Unfortunately this never happened but along with the announcement of the M2 iPad Pro, Apple also announced compatibility with Davinci resolve.

As a video editor, this makes me extremely excited. Blackmagic design has been pushing the boundaries for cinema cameras, color correction, and workflow for quite some time. The system they created with their DaVinci resolve software is bar none. Resolve is slowly becoming the most used editing software in the market and ever cents the upgraded compatibility with the Apple Silicon products Davinci resolve has been near unstoppable. It appears that Blackmagic Design is optimizing their products for the Apple ecosystem.

Davinci resolve is the preferred editor for a number of different videographers. One of the biggest draws of the software is that as a one time licensing fee as opposed to a subscription model like products like premiere pro. Also, for the most part resolve seems to be significantly more stable than other software’s. The number of times the program crashes is significantly lower than my personal experience with premiere Pro, and even though the program does crash from time to time, it does not result in a catastrophic project boss like other programs.


Forces Combine


Apple and Blackmagic Design joining forces could be exactly what this industry needs. This might be a bit hopeful, but with this new partnership users may soon get codecs like ProResRaw in da Vinci resolve. Obviously not seem like a big deal on the surface. ProRes raw is one of the few raw video codec’s that can be recorded using an external monitor or internally on some cameras like the Z cam, and the Inspire2.

The tail end of 2022 has given us a wide range of new products from new cameras to computers, drones and other gear 2022 has been an incredible year for new products with the new year rapidly approaching I cannot wait to see what is coming next From the industries largest manufacturers.

What gear would you like to see come out in 2023? Let us know in the comments! As always, if you are looking to upgrade your, head on over to www.GearFocus.com to help feed your passion !

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