Sony Announces New FX30 Cinema Camera! - The Better FX3?

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Pierce Codina

Sep 28, 2022

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On September 28th, 2022, Sony announced the latest addition to their cinema camera lineup, the FX30. Sony has been leading the way in modern cinema cameras with the FX6 and the FX3. The FX30 is essentially an Super35 version of its predecessor, the Full-Frame FX3. These two cameras are perfect for someone looking to get cinema quality in a small package. Lets take a look at some of the specs of the new FX30


Sony Fx30

As mentioned before the Sony FX30 is a new, smaller sensor version of the FX3, coming in at 26 megapixels. This sensor will have a listed dynamic range of 14 stops. It will also have SLOG3 and S-Cinetone color spaces to provide wide latitude in post production. Sony stated several times in their announcement that the goal of this camera is offer Sony Cinema Quality to the beginner filmmaker. Having the option to shoot in SLOG3 while monitoring with internal LUTS is a feature many new filmmakers will appreciate. The LUT information will also be recorded in the metadata and applied in post automatically with compatible software. This is great for a filmmaker looking to step up their game!

FX30 Screen

The FX30 will also have the capability to shoot 4K120p as well as 16 BIT RAW over HDMI. This will allow the camera to be used in a wide variety of environments from beginner level shooting, all the way up to high level productions and movie sets. Coupling all of these features, while also including the top of the line Sony AutoFocusing system will bring new access to filmmakers. The images that were shown from the FX30 look stunning and cinema quality. We can't wait to see what other creators are able to shoot with the FX30.

New Features

Sony FX30

The FX30 with have Sony's smart hot shoe, allowing for wireless audio capture with up to 4 channels. Another feature Sony touted was Flexible ISO allowing the user to lock their Aperture and Shutter Speed with changing exposure with ISO. There are several shooting modes including Cine EI mode which locks the ISO at BASE ISO, allowing for the most flexibility in post and the most dynamic range. The FX30 will also have Dual Base ISOs at 800 and 2500 allowing for better lowlight capture. This new camera will also have 5 axis in body image stabilization, and when coupled with Sony's G Master lens series, will provide world class image stabilization. Another cool feature of the FX30 is the dual CFExpress card slots. This will allow for extended shooting times as well as the ability to back up footage in-camera, without having to copy files on a computer.


The FX30 is priced at $1,795 USD and will be available for preorder on September 28th, 2022. Sony is making a very good case for new filmmakers to buy into their ecosystem. Sony's E-Mount is one of the most flexible on the market which means lens options will be plentiful for this camera. The addition of the Super35 sensor will allow for use of third party anamorphic lenses, giving users even more creative freedom and expression.

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