Does This 13-year-Old Camera Hold Up?


Pierce Codina

Jan 27, 2023

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Director and Gear Focus film contest winner Joshua Balich knows a thing or two about being resourceful. Last year he blew our minds by creating a short film with A24-worthy scenes all shot on a Nikon D7100 and with a budget of $1,500. Now, Josh has returned to the Gear Focus scene with a few more tricks up his sleeve - once again proving that creativity, ingenuity, and a little grit can overcome any less-than-stellar gear tech standing in your way. Watch the video below as Josh takes a 13-year-old Nikon D3100 and explores the ins and outs, positives and negatives of filmmaking and photography on a less-than-ideal camera for 2023. If you're stuck creatively and think that the next shiny new gear purchase will get you over the this video! If you don't have the cash to shell out for Sony's newest release but are in the market for a budget-friendly used deal watch this video!  If you've wanted to jumpstart 2023 with a filmmaking project and need some extra motivation, Josh has the remedy.    

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