A Shure SM7B for $30?

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Pierce Codina

Nov 16, 2022

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As a musician, camera enthusiast, and podcast devourer, there’s one piece of equipment I’ve found traverses every multimedia discipline like no other - the almighty Shure SM7B.  Known as a versatile studio swiss army knife, the shure sm7b dynamic microphone is synonymous in the music world for silky smooth vocals, beefy guitar tone, and an excellent choice for the rapiest of vocals. But the musicality of the mic is just the beginning of this secret weapon. It’s also the mic of choice for platinum broadcast legends and YouTubers in need of that perfect narration mic. If you’ve ever wondered why you’ve seen Anthony Kedis rapping “give it away” in the studio through the same microphone as your favorite podcaster, this is why.  At a $400 price tag, this mic  is affordable enough to sit in any bedroom producer's repertoire. But, what if we told you the bulk of that price is wrapped up in the capsule and grill of the device rather than the nuts and bolts of the microphone?  At its heart, the SM7B is a dynamic microphone that is essentially identical to the (much less expensive) SM58. In fact, even Shure notes that “ Variations of the Shure Unidyne II cartridge are used in many of Shure’s dynamic microphones. The SM57, SM58, and SM7B all share a similar acoustic network based on the Unidyne III element.“ What sets the mic apart from its cheaper counterparts is its enclosure. Using a grill and a deeper capsule, the mic keeps its end user at an optimal distance for a more level, even, and silkier tone. So in theory, is it possible to navigate around the $400 price tag and garner the same audio results? Welp, our good friend and Youtube star DSL Shooter has done just this.  Exclusive to Gear Focus, DSL Shooter has crafted the perfect 3D-printed grill and capsule ready to convert your $30 microphone into a studio mainstay. Check out the listing for the kit below and watch the video for a deeper explanation.


DSL Shooters Kit on Gear Focus[/caption]    

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