Get Ready For Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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Gear Focus

Nov 15, 2023

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The holidays are just around the corner and next week, thousands of creatives will be eyeballing Gear Focus in search of their next great find. Are you ready to make a sale? 

Boost your sales by listing items 'on-sale' from November 20th to December 7th. Enjoy premium placement on-site, in emails, and on Google Shopping. 

Your listings will automatically feature on our dedicated sale page, giving you a paid and organic boost. Whether you're a camera shop or a creative looking to earn extra for the holidays, follow the steps below and start selling now

Step 1: Create a Listing (If you haven’t already)

Creating a listing on Gear Focus is simple, free, and only takes a few minutes. A quality listing with quality photos can mean the difference between it catching an eager buyer's eye in weeks vs. months. Follow our guide on how to take great listing photos and how to sell if this is your first time. Head to "My Listings" within the seller dashboard and create a listing now.  

Step 2: Put Your Listing On Sale 

To participate in our Black Friday and Cyber Week sales, simply place your listings “on-sale” between the dates of November 20th to December 7th. Head to "My Listings" in the seller dashboard. Enter a sale amount in “Product Sale” and then check the box “Use Sale Price.” Listings that are on sale will automatically curate into our Black Friday sales for both a paid and organic boost.

Step 3: Wait for a sale! We'll market for you to millions of potential buyers

Want to reach millions of potential buyers? You're in luck. Your gear will automatically show up in Google’s ad network connecting you with creators who are actively searching and shopping for gear. We’ll also feature quality listings in our email communications and staff-curated sets.

Step 4:  If You’re Camera Shops Using Lightspeed: Ask about our integration

Gear Focus is almost ready to launch a Lightspeed integration that can sync your inventory to our system in minutes and boost sales overnight. If you’d like to be a beta user sign up here and be the first to take advantage of our new feature!



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