Lume Cube Tube Light Mini and XL Review + Giveaway


Pierce Codina

Jun 21, 2023

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As creators ourselves, we understand the importance of having versatile lighting options, and this 1ft tube light certainly fits the bill. In this review, Josh explores its features, build quality, practical applications, and compares it to other tube lights on the market. So, let's dive in and discover why the Lumecube Tube Light is a must-have tool for every creator.


Unbiased Review

Before we proceed, it's important to note that Lumecube sent us these lights for review purposes, but our opinion remains unbiased. We want to provide you with an honest assessment of the product's strengths and weaknesses.

Packaging and Build Quality

The Lumecube Tube Light arrives in a compact and well-designed case, ensuring easy organization and portability. The inclusion of a strap adds convenience, allowing you to handle the light effortlessly. Notably, the stand provided with the light is impressively sturdy, unlike the typical plastic stands that often accompany similar products. With a metal construction, it offers a solid base for your lighting setup.

Durable and Versatile

The tube light boasts an aluminum back, providing durability and a reassuring drop-proof feature. Lumecube claims it is also water-resistant, making it a valuable asset for shoots in rainy conditions. This reliability ensures that the light can withstand various environments, granting peace of mind to creators who demand consistent performance.

User-Friendly Controls

The buttons and dials on the back of the Lumecube Tube Light are unique and intuitive. Instead of a traditional wheel, Lumecube has implemented a spring-loaded lever to adjust the light's intensity quickly. This design choice enhances convenience and efficiency, allowing users to make rapid adjustments. The addition of a blue button to cycle through different menu options is a thoughtful feature, although it would have been beneficial to have a button feature integrated into the lever for a more streamlined experience. Additionally, the power switch is conveniently located for easy access.

Innovative Magnetic Mounting

One standout feature of the Lumecube Tube Light is its clever magnetic mounting system. This feature proves to be invaluable when you need to tuck the light away in a frame discreetly. The magnets are remarkably strong, ensuring a secure attachment. However, for situations where magnets aren't feasible, using velcro or double-sided tape can provide alternative mounting options.

Multiple Applications

The Lumecube Tube Light serves a variety of purposes, making it suitable for different scenarios. For instance, YouTubers often include a tube light in their frames to enhance visual appeal. Moreover, its compact size and lightweight nature make it perfect for discreet positioning or use as a hair light during shoots. The versatility of this product opens up endless creative possibilities for content creators.

Companion 4ft Light Tube

Alongside the 1ft tube light, Lumecube also sent us a 4ft version with similar specifications. The 4ft variant offers all the features of its smaller counterpart, except for the power source. While the 1ft light charges via USB, the 4ft light utilizes a DC cable. Additionally, the 4ft light lacks the magnetic ends due to its weight. Nevertheless, a version with stronger magnets for fluorescent lighting setups would be an exciting addition to Lumecube's lineup.

Lume Control App

Both the 1ft and 4ft Lumecube Tube Lights can be controlled through the Lume Control app. Often, utilizing apps can be hit or miss, but Lumecube's app proves to be user-friendly and reliable. With quick and easy light linking, you can manage multiple lights effortlessly. The app allows control over RGB, temperature, and effects, offering a range of options to enhance your lighting setup. However, one minor inconvenience we noticed was that selecting a color preset automatically sets the intensity to 100%. Despite this, the app overall provides a solid and convenient control solution.

Pricing and Comparison

The Lumecube Tube Light is priced at $170, while the 4ft variant is available for $400. Comparing these prices to other tube lights on the market, the 1ft version stands out as a unique offering. In terms of pricing, the 4ft Lumecube Tube Light falls between competing options available on Amazon and Nanlite tubes. While the Amazon option may be more affordable, it sacrifices even weight distribution due to the grip on its side. Therefore, Lumecube provides a well-balanced choice for creators seeking quality and functionality.


In conclusion, tube lights are incredibly valuable tools for creators, and the Lumecube Tube Light excels in various aspects. Its impressive build quality, durability, versatility, and innovative features make it a top contender in the market. The compact size of the 1ft version allows for easy integration into different setups, while the 4ft variant caters to those with specific needs. With the user-friendly Lume Control app and a reasonable price range, the Lumecube Tube Light is a worthy investment for creators seeking reliable, high-quality lighting solutions. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your content creation with this remarkable product.


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