Sellers: Join Our Memorial Sale on Gear Focus!

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Gear Focus

May 24, 2023

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With the launch of the new Gear Focus, more creatives are turning to our sellers for that next piece of gear. From cameras, and lenses to podcast mics, gear on sale at key moments is in demand and sells quickly

One of those moments happens to be this weekend! Add your listings to our sale new and get more eyeballs on your gear than ever. Here’s how to join: 

List Your Gear (if you haven’t already) 

Listing on Gear Focus is free and easy. Log in and click “Sell Your Gear.” Follow our detailed instructions and list gear in minutes. 

Edit Listing

Click “Edit Listing” on the listings you want to add into our sale. 

Put Your Gear On sale

Click "Use Sale Price" next to your listing. Add a sale price of at least 5% less and your listing will automatically populate into our sales page.

Let Us Do The Rest

Listings in sale events receive 4x the number of eyeballs! Your listings will also populate in our Facebook and Google shopping adds. Add your listings now! 

Own one like this?

Make room for new gear in minutes.