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Jul 13, 2023

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The Sony a6700 is the highly anticipated successor to Sony's popular but dated a6000 series of APS-C cameras. Don't let the name fool you; this camera offers much more than meets the eye. In fact, it might just be the best value option available on the market today. In this review, we'll dive into the key features and performance of the Sony a6700 and explore why it's a game-changer for hybrid shooters.

Body & Ergonomics

The Sony a6700 features a smaller and more affordable body compared to its predecessor, the FX30. While there are a few sacrifices in terms of features like a single SD card slot and a micro Type-D HDMI port, the overall ergonomics and handling of the camera are impressive. The substantial grip and the addition of a third dial at the front make changing exposure settings a breeze. The full articulating screen and the use of the larger FZ-100 battery further enhance the user experience. However, the LCD screen resolution is slightly underwhelming, but it doesn't suffer from the dimming issues of previous models.


With the latest processor and AI autofocusing chip, the Sony a6700 offers the best autofocus performance in the business. It excels in tracking a wide array of subjects, making it ideal for various shooting scenarios. The autofocus system is on par with its more expensive counterparts, like the a7R V, showcasing Sony's commitment to delivering top-notch technology in their APS-C lineup.

Photo Improvements: The Sony a6700 retains the same 26-megapixel sensor found in the FX30, ensuring excellent image quality and performance in both RAW and JPEG formats. It allows for shooting at 11 frames per second, providing ample speed for capturing fast-paced action. The addition of lossless compressed RAW and the option to shoot in mechanical or electronic shutter further enhances the versatility of the camera for photography enthusiasts.

Video Features

For videographers, the Sony a6700 is a powerhouse. It can shoot 4K in 10-bit 4:2:2 up to 120 frames per second, with oversampled 4K from 6K up to 4K60. The camera offers a range of video-centric features like S-Log3, S-Cinetone, assignable user LUTs, and enhanced video displays. The dynamic range and rolling shutter performance are consistent with the FX30, making it a reliable choice for video production.

Overheating & Battery Life

The Sony a6700 is designed with heat management in mind, featuring dust and moisture resistance and a magnesium alloy chassis. It performs exceptionally well in terms of battery life and overheating. In tests conducted in controlled studio environments and outdoor temperatures of up to 24-25 degrees Celsius, the camera recorded for over two hours without any overheating warnings. While the 4K120 mode does have overheating limitations, it is still suitable for short clips and specialized use cases.

Other Features

The Sony a6700 incorporates several notable features found in recent Sony releases. These include focus breathing compensation, in-camera time-lapse creation, and improved clear image zoom. The camera also utilizes AI-based autoframing, which is particularly useful for self-filming. Additionally, it offers five-axis in-body stabilization, multiple audio jacks, and USB streaming capabilities up to 4K30, making it an excellent choice for live streaming and video calls.

Final Thoughts

The Sony a6700 is an outstanding camera that delivers exceptional value for hybrid shooters. While the FX30 may be the preferred choice for video-centric users, the a6700's affordability, feature set, and impressive performance make it an attractive option for photographers and videographers alike. 

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