Camera lighting equipment, like camera lights and flash accessories, is crucial for ample and controlled lighting. Whether you are taking a portrait, or just lighting up a dark indoor shot, a camera flash can be a photographer’s best friend. Sculpt your light, or soften it with diffusers. Whatever your lighting needs may be, we have you covered. Shop now for new and used camera flashes, accessories, and other lighting equipment.

It might be hard to know which camera flash you'll need for your camera. With a variety of options including strength of flash, adjustability of flash direction, availability of filters/covers, etc., there seems to be no end of options and choices to make. Let Gear Focus help you find the right flash system for your needs. Whether you're looking for a small on-camera system to be compact and fit in your gear bag so you always have it when out in the field, or you need multi-flash setups synced together with multiple diffusers for outdoor shoots, Gear Focus has the selection you need. Camera flash and lighting accessories help illuminate your subject in a variety of settings - often when few other external lighting sources can be controlled. They can be incredibly helpful tools for achieving professional looking shots. Or, they can be used to add dramatic or artistic lighting to a scene. If you have a new or used camera flash that you would like to sell, list for Gear Focus for FREE and get top dollar for your gear! Pay only 3.5% - less than half the cost of most reputable sites - after your item sells.