Light Softboxes & Reflectors

Camera flash putting off TOO much light? Sometimes we don't need all that power, or sometimes the flash is just a bit too harsh. Thankfully, there is a nearly infinite selection of new and used camera flash light diffusers and modifiers to help soften your lighting.

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Camera flash light diffusers are great for creating soft light for your subject. Diffusers are pretty much a necessity for almost any camera flash. Dampen the harsh light that many camera flashes create, or even change the color. Add a softer warmer hue to your subject, or add a more dramatic blue tone. If, on the other hand, you have a selection of used camera flash modifiers taking up space in your gear bag, consider listing them for FREE with Gear Focus! Earn extra cash to put towards your next camera upgrade AND clean out space! You pay nothing until your item sells: and then it's just a 3.5% selling fee - less than half the cost of other online marketplaces!