Continuous Lighting

Buy and sell new and used Continuous Lighting lighting equipment for video and photography with Gear Focus, the #1 online marketplace for photographers and videographers. Planning and carefully curating your light is one of the most important aspects of setting up a video or photo shoot. Your camera may have a flash, but you need something consistent when rolling video, or taking multiple shots in a series. Lose the automatic flash and get the lighting you need to snag that perfect take.

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Your video production lighting equipment is the only thing standing between you and a muddy, unintelligible shot—meaning if you don't have lighting between your lens and your subject, you might be in for a disappointment. Buy and sell new and used production lighting with Gear Focus! Whether you're looking for soft, muted textures, or high contrast glamor shots, the key to great lighting is control. When shooting video, you want to remove as much of the unpredictable glaring and flaring as possible, and brands like Neewer, LimoStudio, and Linco are exactly where you should be looking. When doing studio work, you may want to avoid a flash if you are shooting stationary inanimate objects. You will want to predict your lighting and adjust it to make your subject stand out. The downside is that shooting live subjects with consistent lighting can get pretty dicey, as lights give off a lot of heat. Choose your kit based on your needs, and check with the experts in our community if you're not sure where to start!