Camera Lens Caps

We've all done it: misplaced that lens cap. No matter how hard we try, that crafty little cap seems able to vanish like no other gear accessory. Don't go back to the manufacturer and pay retail prices for such a small (yet important) part. Shop on Gear Focus for a used Nikon, Canon, or DSLR camera lens cap and save!

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Although a small piece of gear that comes with every lens, the lens cap is vital for maintaining a scratch-free lens. You never want to travel with an unprotected lens rattling around in your gear bag. And if you're anything like us here at Gear Focus, you lose these just about the second you put them down. Lens caps have a special way of disappearing right from our very pockets. Although the science is still out on whether or not these actually have the ability to vanish into thin air, we know that they can and do go missing. But you shouldn't pay full retail for a replacement lens cap; you should shop for new and used Canon, Nikon, and other DSLR lens caps and more on Gear Focus! And if by some miracle you actually have an extra one to sell, list for FREE now and pay nothing until your gear sells!