Camera Lens Hoods

Whether you're shooting with a DSLR, mirrorless camera system, or recording a movie with a video camera, camera lens hoods are an often-overlooked piece of gear that can really help improve your picture and video quality. If you've misplaced yours or bought a used camera that lacked a lens hood, you can find a replacement used camera lens hood for your video camera and DSLRs from brands like Nikon, Canon, and more at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one from the manufacturer.

Lens hoods help block sunlight and reduce glares on your lenses. However, they also help protect that expensive glass from drops and falls. It makes sense to leave that hood on your lens so that in the hopefully-unlikely event that you drop your camera, the inexpensive and durable hood is in between your lens and the ground. Camera not working and parting out your old gear? Think about selling your used camera lens hood with Gear Focus. Gear Focus is powered by photographers, videographers, filmmakers, and video editors that were fed up with trying to buy and sell used Nikon, Canon, and other brand name camera lens hoods with minimal results. That's why Gear Focus was founded in 2019: with the idea that an online marketplace with a global reach could be affordable, and safer than trying to sell new and used gear in person.