SLR Lenses

The right lens can make all the difference in your still photography or videography. Every photographer, videographer, and filmmaker needs to have the right assortment of lenses in their arsenal. Why pay MSRP for an expensive lens, when you can find a used camera lens for sale at a fraction of the price? Top brands like Leica, Olympus, Rokinon, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic and more can be found on Gear Focus. If you are looking to shed some of your new or used lenses, list them for free with Gear Focus and pay nothing until your item sells!

The lens is arguably the most important part of your camera setup. The sheer number of lenses may seem to be daunting at first, but let Gear Focus help you find the right one for your needs! When shopping for a camera lens, it's important to keep in my mind what you intend to shoot. How will you use the lens (e.g. for still photography, creating shallow depth-of -field videos, macro photography, telephoto nature videography, etc.) when shooting? Will you need a prime lens vs. a zoom lens? Will you need image stabilization built into the lens? Consider these when shopping for your next used camera lens, and buy with confidence through Gear Focus! After purchasing your lens, head over to the camera lens filter section to shop for a protective filter for your new lens! Looking to sell your new or used Leica, Olympus, Rokinon, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic or other used DSLR lens? List for free with Gear Focus and pay only 3.5% after your item sells!