Conversion Camera Lenses & Adapters

When you have the PERFECT lens, but it just doesn't fit onto your new camera, it is time to buy a lens adapter. These camera lens adapters from brands like Nikon, Sony, and others can open a whole new universe of possibilities when it comes to shooting and lenses! Similarly, if you have a great lens, but it just isn't wide enough, consider adding a new or used camera lens converter to your arsenal.

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Camera lens converters are extremely handy little gadgets that fit easily into any DSLR camera bag. They open a range of possibilities for you and are a cost-effective way to extend the utility range of your lenses. Lens adapters, likewise, are easy and cheaper alternatives to buying new lenses. The lens adapter attaches to your camera body the same way a normal lens would, but the other end adapts to allow you to attach otherwise incompatible camera lenses. This can be a great way to get a wider variety of lenses and camera bodies to work together! The one caveat being that most of them lack the communication feature between lens and camera body. This means that autofocus, metering, and other auto functions will not be available when using the adapter. Have a new or used camera lens adapter that you're looking to sell? List your brand name Nikon, Sony, and other camera lens adapters for FREE with Gear Focus now and pay nothing until your gear sells!