Digital Cinema Lenses

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Cinema lenses are usually much more expensive than the corresponding still lenses. Cinema lenses provide a large amount of benefits over normal photography lenses. Some of these benefits are smooth aperture changes, precise accurate focus, internal zoom control and exceptional optical quality. If you're a beginner filmmaker, consider shopping and buying used cine lenses to save some money on your investment.

  • Professional Design
  • Sturdy Build
  • Precise Focus Control
  • Light and Aperture Control
  • Internal Zoom Control
  • Exceptional Photo Quality
  • High Price and Value

Cine Lens vs Still Photo Lens

Zoom cinema lenses are par-focal, which means focus distance remains the same as you zoom in and out. With cinema lenses, there are more blades on the iris, which makes the bokeh rounder and smoother. 

  • Manual Lens Settings
  • Output Quality
  • Size and Price