7artisans Photoelectric 35mm T1.05 Vision Cinema Lens (L Mount)

7artisans Photoelectric 35mm T1.05 Vision Cinema Lens (L Mount)
Compact, durable, and extremely quick, the 35mm T1.05 Vision Cinema Lens from 7artisans is engineered for the film industry and is compatible with standard cinema lens accessories, ensuring an easy integration into your existing setup. This version is fitted with a Leica L mount and presents focus scales labeled in feet and meters. The maximum T1.05 aperture provides a delicate soft blur for a softer, natural out-of-focus effect, while its T16 minimum aperture limits the artifacts that may ensue from an overly constrained aperture opening. A 270° focus throw delivers supremely precise focus adjustments, with the lens housing the cinema-standard 0.8 MOD lens gears for focus and iris. As a member of the Vision series, this 35mm lens shares identical focus and iris gear placements with the Vision 25 and 50mm lenses, expediting the changing of lenses as there’s no need to reset the follow focus unit or lens motor in use. The 90mm front diameter accommodates a range of industry-standard matte boxes, meanwhile the 82mm front filter thread enables attachment of optional filters directly onto the lens's front. Note: This lens is exclusively designed for mirrorless cameras and is not suitable for use with SLRs or DSLRs.
MSP Price$399.00

Product Highlights

  • Designed for APS-C Sensors, Mirrorless Models Only
  • Aperture Range of T1.05 to T16
  • Front Diameter Measuring 90mm
  • Comprised of 12 Iris Blades