7artisans Photovoltaic 35mm T1.05 Vision Cinematic Lens (X Mount, Feet/Meters)

7artisans Photovoltaic 35mm T1.05 Vision Cinematic Lens (X Mount, Feet/Meters)
The 7artisans Photovoltaic 35mm T1.05 Vision Cinematic Lens, compact, hardy and incredibly swift, is designed for the film industry, accommodating standard cinema lens accessories. This lens model offers a Max T1.05 Aperture providing potential for a soft bokeh effect with natural out-of-focus highlights. Minimizing artifacts is made possible through the T16 minimum aperture. This specific model is compatible with the Fujifilm X Mount. Its design features focus scales indicated in feet and meters. Accurate focus pulls are enabled with the 270° focus throw. The lens comes furnished with standard 0.8 MOD lens gears for focus and iris, positioning it as part of the Vision Series which maintains uniformity with the Vision 25 and 50mm lenses in terms of focus and iris gear positions. Hence, alternating lenses no longer requires repositioning the follow focus unit or lens motor. Its 90mm front diameter means compatibility with various industry-standard matte boxes. Direct mounting of optional filters is feasible through the 82mm front filter thread. Note: The lens is exclusively designed for use with mirrorless cameras, usage with SLRs or DSLRs is not recommended.
MSP Price$399.00

Product Highlights

  • Suitable for APS-C Sensors, Exclusively Mirrorless
  • Aperture Range T1.05 to T16
  • Front Diameter of 90mm
  • Equipped with 12 Iris Blades