ARRI 12mm Master Prime Cinema Lens (PL LDS, Measure in Feet)

ARRI 12mm Master Prime Cinema Lens (PL LDS, Measure in Feet)
The ARRI 12mm Master Prime lens belongs to a renowned series known for providing outstanding resolution, enhanced contrast, minimal focus breathing, and a bright T1.3 aperture for stunning shallow depth of field effects. These lenses range from 12mm to 150mm to accommodate a variety of shooting scenarios in Super35 format. They are renowned for their ability to render natural skin tones and color precision which is typical for Zeiss, ensuring uniformity across the series. They feature an iris design with a minimum of nine blades, crafting a pleasing bokeh and distinct separation between in-focus and out-of-focus areas. Additionally, they boast exceptional close-focus performance with dual floating elements to reduce focus breathing and the innovative T*XP coating to curtail flare and enhance contrast.
SeriesMaster Prime
Model12mm Master Prime
MSP Price$45,260.00

Product Highlights

  • Supports Super35 sensor
  • PL LDS Mount
  • T1.3 to T22 aperture range for low-light performance
  • Cooke /i compatible data transfer