ARRI 18mm Master Prime Lens - PL Mount (Measured in Feet)

ARRI 18mm Master Prime Lens - PL Mount (Measured in Feet)
The ARRI 18mm Master Prime, a part of the set of 16 lenses from ARRI/Zeiss, displays superior resolution, enhanced contrast, virtually undetectable breathing, and a fast T1.3 aperture for creating a shallow depth of field. With a range from 12mm to 150mm, Master Primes provide the notable skin tones and color representation of Zeiss and are colour-matched for consistency throughout the set. These lenses feature an iris of minimum nine blades, producing cinematic bokeh with a pronounced focus fall-off. Double floating elements guarantee top-quality close-focus execution while breathing is minimised during focusing. T*XP layer application reduces reflection and glare while improving contrast. Built with aspherical components for reduced chromatic aberration, the ARRI/Zeiss Master Primes offer ultimate image quality and neat chroma-keying. High resolution is preserved at image corner areas, even when the lens is utilized with wide aperture and close focus. Every lens boasts a PL mount and an incorporated LDS mechanism for conveying lens data to corresponding cameras. The broadened focus scale leaves ample room for numbering, and showcases luminous engravings for easier low-light visibility. The focus ring displays numerals in both feet and metres; a skilled shop technician can swap it from one to the other. The 18mm Master Prime Lens has a 14" minimum focus length, focus annotation set in feet, a relatively lightweight 4.9 pounds, and a compact 8" length. This lens family has consistent placement of rings for focus, iris, and zoom, simplifying the usage with follow focus, zoom control, and F/I/Z wireless systems. Most lenses in the Master Prime family, including the 18mm, have a standard 114mm front diameter, enabling the utilization of the same size matte box adapter, filter, and so forth.
Model18mm Master Prime
MSP Price$29,740.00

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