ARRI 21mm Master Prime Lens (PL, Feet)

ARRI 21mm Master Prime Lens (PL, Feet)
The 21mm ARRI/Zeiss Master Prime Lens totes excellent resolution, superior contrast, nearly non existent breathing and a wide T1.3 aperture for achieving a narrow depth of field. The Master Prime collection colour match and offer ARRI/Zeiss' renowned color rendition and skin tones. The lenses flaunt an iris with no less than nine blades to cultivate cinematic bokeh with clear blur gradient. Dual floating elements yield maximum close-focus performance while curbing breathing when adjusting focus. The improved T*XP coating lowers reflections and glare and increases contrast. Constructed with aspherical elements to reduce chromatic aberration, the ARRI/Zeiss Master Primes deliver maximum image quality and pure chroma keying. Even with the lens is wide open and at close focus, high resolution is maintained in the image corners. The lens incorporates a PL mount as well as a built-in LDS system for data transfer to compatible cameras. The inclusive focus scale allows ample room for marks and it highlights fluorescent engravings for improved low-light settings visibility. With a minimum focus distance of 14" and weighting in at only 5.3 pounds, this 21mm Master Prime Lens offers distinct focus and iris ring markings in feet and metric.
SeriesZeiss Master Prime
ModelMaster Prime
MSP Price$27,350.00

Product Highlights

  • Compatible with Super-35 Sensor Size
  • Wide T1.3 Aperture Enables Narrow Depth of Field
  • Virtually Zero Lens Breathing
  • Significantly Reduced Lens Flare